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Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

It is no secret how much I love you. How much I’ve always loved you… Truth be told, I like autumn as well. I must confess, I’ve written more letters to your sister autumn than you, but that’s all in the past.

Winter, along with this celebration most of the world loved – Christmas is what I’m talking about – also has a place in my heart. But you, summer, you are everything. You bring happiness, something that lasts for the whole of the three months, sometimes even more! You bring sunshine and laugher, beach days and seashells.

You are not even here to us yet. You’re just around the corner and with each passing day, you appear a bit more… We are waiting for you, patiently. Because you are worth it, summer!

And what you’re going to bring, one might ask you. Well… I do not have an answer to that, but I hope you bring good things. Good moments… I hope you bring pool days, road trips, good music playing loud… I hope you bring long walks, beautiful moonlights and a decent amount of heat for us to enjoy… and then whine about!

I love your beauty, summer. Your golden hours. I love how you make me feel. Alive and I cannot get enough of it. During your three months stay, I find myself much happier. I feel like a little kid again, one that wants to run and play on the beach and gather seashells from the bottom of the sea…

You even manage to bring people together, at least on the weekends, because for some, the days still tend to be full of work and chores and responsibilities. But you bring these spontaneous pool days or beach days, the cookouts, the vacation plans…

Amongst the chaos of the every day routine and the broken things, you always find a way to remind us that there is still some good out there. That there is still some peace to be found.

I am so thankful to call Greece home and get to experience yoou here, summer… And I cannot wait for the moment you will appear in a few days!

Stick around a while…

~ Your fan.

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