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The season to fall in love.

Autumn is, once again, just around the corner and the feeling of it approaching to fall upon us, makes me want to write… It makes me think and miss those long days spent in the corner seat of a quite coffee ship while the rain falls and taps on the window, and listening to the ticking sound of the cups used by people. It urges me to pick up my notebook and write… I can see myself pull the sleeves of that warm sweater over my palms.

Autumn is the season where everything seems to be happening. New beginnings for people of all ages. The chill in the air feels like something unpleasant, and yet it is not when you step in the sunlight. It is the season of all the not-quites and just-abouts. The trees are painted in the pristine colours of red, gold and orange with a bit of green. You realize how beautiful everything is, even though you know what is to follow a few months later.

Perhaps it is the season before autumn that makes everyting so refreshing. Summer follows you around for three long months with humid weather, thick afternoons, heat and the burning feeling of the sun on your skin. And the first day you are to wear a sweat and boots, it’s as though as weight has been lifted.

Finally, autumn seems to be the season where everyone falls in love. Not just with people. But with things. Nature is a painting before your eyes and you fall in love with the colours of it. You find beauty and you appreciate things. You fall in love with the feeling of staying inside, curled up under a fuzzy blanket and with a cup of a warm beverage. You fall in love with the chilly air. You fall in love with a new you, the one that wears similar colours to those that surround you, the one that gets excited with the simplest of things like pumpkins and apples and Halloween.

It’s rather funny if you think about it. Autumn is the season where things fall to an end… And yet, you are just waking up.

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