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Air Travel pleasures.

It’s been two years already since the last time I found myself going through the procedure of travelling by air to a destination, known or unknown it does not matter. At the beginning, it was an exciting adventure. I was jetting across countries on vacation. I moved between cities, did my strolling around and returned home full of memories and souvenirs. It was thrilling!

Then, a few years later, travelling became something exhausting and so mundane. Waking up early. Being away from my family or my friends, sometimes both. Sleeping in strange beds here and there.

Lately though, I have changed my mind and I see travelling as an occasion. More than a tiresome routine. I don’t think of it as a treat to myself, but I have found the little pleasures in the chaos of air travel.

  1. It all starts with getting a taxi. The firsty nicety of flying to somewhere. Waking up early is hard, if you have to do so. Public transportation goes from the port near my apartment to the airport, but it adds at least one full hour, maybe plus a few minutes, to my trip. A taxi, although much more expensive, it’s like buying an extra 60 minutes of sleep. And a private ride. In addition, a taxi drive makes me feel a bit more special and important.
  2. Checking In. Sure, there is the online check in nowadays one can do through their laptop or their mobile. However, where is the fun in it? The mechanics of checking in and passing through security is comforting. It’s special.
  3. Airport breakfast, my favorite part. If you are up early for your travel, then you probably did not get the chance to enjoy a breakfast meal that will keep you satisfied. At the airport, everything is overpriced. However, on such an occasion, you can treat yourself to one of those overpriced breakfasts whilst enjoying the view of the airplanes coming and going.
  4. I like to talk to people when I travel. An airplane is the only place I can carry a conversation with somebody I do not know, forget everything they said to me within a few hours, and have that all be okay.
  5. The best part of air travel, or any travel for that matter, is getting away from your routine. When at the airport, one can talk on the phone, text or send emails but they are not expected to get anything else done. For a few good hours, everything will be switched off and only music can play or a movie that was downloaded overnight.
  6. Adventure… The last pleasure of travelling. You get off in a different city. It might be one far, far away from home. It might be like time travelling.

2 thoughts on “Air Travel pleasures.

    1. I am really glad you enjoyed reading the post! Also, forgive me for the late reply…. Busy travelling haha. I hope you will visit again and feel free to share your ideas!


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