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Be with a Bookworm.

Go on a date with someone who loves books. Someone who can regale you with the tales they have read from the shelves of libraries, from old leather bounded tomes people might have forgotten about. Date someone who always has a right quotation for every occassion and which illuminates your prespective on the world and the problems.

Be with someone who enjoys reading. Someone who believes that reading is more a ritual than a hobby. That someone’s eyes will light up at the thought of a day home, with you, and a good book to read stories or poems from. Someone who loves the comfort of the couch and your head on their lap whilst reciting the lines of another author.

Date someone who will always find time to enter a bookship and spend hours browsing to find just the right kind of reading material.

Be with someone who carries a book around. Someone who would much rather lose themselves within words and know what to say when you are hurt, happy, or stressed, when you need someone to hold you.

Finally, be with a bookworm. They will take you on magical journeys through the pages of books. They will tell you about the stories they have read and share every bit of detail with you. Be with that someone who will hold your hand the way their favorite characters in those magical stories do.

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