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Weekend Plans.

The weekend is just a few hours away and it approaches, people begin to wonder what it is they could do or look forward to the already made plans. There are a few good things one can not and spend little to no money, and then there are other past-times that require a small amount of cash to be spent. Or a bigger one. Nevertheless, each and every way is a super one and any sort of activity can transform one of the two days, Saturday or Sunday, into an enjoyable one filled with memories.

Personally, I already have my weekend planned, but below, you will find a list of things you can do. And I hope you will choose one or two.

Weekend-y things to do.

  • Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – and everything in between.

Maybe it is just be in this case, but during the week I do not particularly enjoy each and every meal I must have. I do eat healthy and I, sometimes, manage to cook something rather delicious, but while tired fter 8 hours of work, I rarely have the good mood to spend hours creating stuff and experimenting with recipies… During the weekend, I find myself with plenty of time in my hands and thus, I choose to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen even if I am serving just myself. My most favourite meal is breakfast. I love starting with something delicious and a warm cup of coffee along with it.

  • Organize your house.

That should say enough by itself. Two days, or one for that matter, offer great opportunities for organizing your home, your libraries, your office or even each and every cupboard in the kitchen. By doing that, you might achieve some de-cluttering and find things you might want, or need, to sell or just throw away.

  • Read & Write.

My most favourite past-time for the weekend. I love reading, I love re-reading books even. During the week, I have the opportunity to read a page or two of whichever book I have chosen before bedtime. However, sitting for a good while and flipping a few pages, aka not one or two, is far more enjoyable. In addition, during a Saturday or a Sunday, I find myself inspired a bit more often to write either in my personal notebook or my blog.

  • Visit places.

Parks, museums, galleries, towns… No matter which type of place you choose to visit, it will do you some good. You might discover a place you have never been before. You might visit a museum you already know, but with the hopes of finding something new there. You might enjoy a sunny day in the park where nature is at its best.

  • Time for family & friends.

People you might not be seeing as much as you wanted over the week due to your busy schedule. Finally, you have the chance to sit and have a proper conversation with them.

  • Play games.

Whether these are card games, board games or video games, they are fun. You can spend time with your friends and play a game or just get cozy on the couch and turn on your PS4.

  • Shopping.

Groceries and/or personal shopping sprees. You have plenty of time in your hands, you should enjoy each and every second of it!

  • Have a drink… or two.

Drinking during the week is not such a great idea. It might be tempting, especially after hours of work. I should know. But a drink… or two… during the weekend offers the possibility of enjoying it much more. And even if you cross your limits on a Saturday night, you still have a Sunday to sleep in.

  • Do nothing. Relax!

Doing nothing can also be great. It can also be something for you. I am sure that many people have their days, and may find themselves sitting and doing nothing all day, just because they are in need of relaxing all day. Be lazy! You deserve it!

And there you have it. My own personal, rather tiny, list of things I enjoy doing during a weekend. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depends on the mood I wake up with!

But what about you? Share some of your thoughts and ideas below in a comment. Do you agree with my list? Do you have a better activity you enjoy?

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