Sharing Thoughts

Under quarantine.

So… the coronavirus happened. It started just as the new year began and it is still happening all over the world. However, just because someone might be in quarantine, either imposed by the government, or by choice, does not mean improving the personal life is not possible… After I moved abroad and I found myself having to go in self quarantine so I can protect those in my family, I also found other ways to entertain my good self and develop skills or create things. So, sit back and check out some of those that can improve your now new kind of routine.

  1. Read more!!! There were probably many times before these days when you said you wanted to get back into reading. Or even rereading books that you have already. With an other routine and a busy schedule, you probably did not have the time. Well… the time is now. If you have a tons of books on your shelves, then you can pick one and start. If not, you can always look up the best books of the last months or the last year!
  2. Make a Bucket list. Those seem to be quite fun. Until this new life at home is over, you might have gathered a few good things you want to do and/or experience!
  3. Reorganize your space. Whether that is a closet, your desk, your whole room, the rest of your living space, you have plenty of time to reorganize it, maybe do some spring cleaning or even discover things you have forgotten they even existed!
  4. Redecorate!! Go ahead and spend a small amount of money on decoration related items. Paint a wall, change the position of the furniture, declutter your personal space. A nice looking area will certainly put you in a better mood!
  5. Find a daily goal. It can be anything! But it must be a daily goal. My personal favorite, at this time, is an hour walk with the dog in the countryside.
  6. Try new cooking recipies. Maybe before you did not have the time to experiment in the kitchen and follow up a decent cooking recipe. Now, even if you work from home, you have all the time you need to google recipies with the ingredients of your choice or even to try mixing up things by yourself!
  7. Stay in contact. Let’s face it. Now it is not a good time to be around too many people. This situation we are going through will certainly show how strong friendships and family bonds can be. Use the social media and all those apps on your phone to stay in contact with your loved ones.
  8. Personal development time! It’s a great time to invest in yourself and definitely to invest in your abilities. You could practice that musical instrument or learn a language. You can paint, you can cook, you can write more! Just improve!

Most importantly, no matter what you choose to do at such a time, you should remember that staying home is important for your personal health and for others. Yes, you will have to go outside for shopping, but even then, always remember to take the necessary precautions! Be positive!

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