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While attempting to find the positive side in this worldwide, panic inducing pandemic, these last months of semi-self isoltion and social distancing has made me realize that a big pause on my life was needed. I never thought that this pause would do me good. I am more the kind of woman that loves a good routine. Until March, I had that and I knew as much.

Obviously, if this situation continued for another few months and life does not start moving, I will be clawing at the walls. However, right now, I find myself in a good place. Fortunately -for me- I am living in the suburban area of a big city, in a big house with a garden. I found myself semi-self isolating with loved ones and that made me feel less lonely. In that sense, I might be far luckier than some.

The first few days, I did feel like a spider in a glass. A very small glass. I had just moved to Germany from my homecountry and things did not seem as positive. My personal items were delayed due to Corona and the borders of other countries being all too busy. I had to wake up every morning and remind myself that there is always a good side to things. I felt a sense of loss. Then, I figured that getting out of the house for a walk every day – thanks to my dog- was what I needed the most. About five minutes in, I couldn’t understand why this walk felt so different than other times. I was instantly calmer, happier, able to think. Over the course of working for a year, I rarely got the opportunity to exercise myself. I do hate gyms. I do love swimming. But the seasons and the lack of public swimming pools did not make things easier. After a much needed rest of a week, being outside every day for an hour or two helped me in many ways.

It’s…something. There is some sort of structure amongst the chaos of the world. Staying mostly indoors does keep me busy in ways. And that is the best we can all do in these times. Finding happiness. Where we can… Even if it’s just by putting on some make-up or making a cup of coffee for ourselves and others. These little things are crucial.

I hope you have all found something to give you the same kind of calmness. And I hope you keep this up because times are unknown!

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