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How I’ve come to love this season.

I am a summer born child… I was born in July, in the middle of the season. And since I was a little child, I’ve always loved summer at the beach. But the last few years (it’s been a couple now), I have come to mourn the loss of summer like a relationship that ended. Like an unrequited love. Of course no one has a choice in the change of the seasons. And we never had a choice in saying goodbye to the ocean or the chlorine soaked hair, the freedom and the nights without end.

Back in the day, the advertistments on back-to-school supplies created some tension and they brought out emotions. On one hand, I hated the idea of math, physics, chemistry… The subjects I hated, you know. On the other hand, though, I was excited to see my friends or spend hours learning about another literature piece.

Perhaps it was the year I began with my studies that brought a new light on things. Maybe it was the look of the campus grounds with a classic charm, the red and orange trees, the crunchy leaves and the autumnal skyline of Boston in the distance. Or maybe it was the warmth chocolate drinks during those rainy afternoons. Whatever it was, I thank it. It pulled me into Autumn’s true magic.

Autumn is the season when I get this sense of comfort and warmth and can partake in festivities my homecountry does not have (Halloween – Thanksgiving). Autumn is when I can finally buy apples and find out how delicious they are.

Autumn is when I will purchase tiny pumpkins for my bedroom or little scarecrows, inhale the scent of cinnamon on coffee or from a candle on my desk and get into the Halloween spirit by watching movies and reading spooky books and ghost stories.

Autumn is the season when the temperatures change between a pleasant cool to a strangely hot one and then flat-out cold. Trees are in an enchanting state of transition, offering us beautiful sights with orange, green and red colors. Leaves dance their way down on the ground and that’s where they are, sometimes slushy and wet thanks to the rain or crisp and perfect for leaf piles.

And people, we too, become alive and vibrant. We fall in love. With people, with nature… We are making new beginnings even though the year is slowly coming to an end.

Now, at the age of 29, I smile when the heat leaves us.

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