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Let’s meet in July.

We spoke with raised voices and things were said from both of us to each of us…. It was one of those bad days, one that was meant to be a good day… It didn’t even make sense to try and calm down anymore. We just gave in and all hell broke loose between us, with tears from one side at the very least…

It’s funny how we had it so good, yet we didn’t even know…

We complained about being misunderstood and ignored. But do you remember how we started laughing? Do you remember the perfectly good moments from the beginning? Do you remember the long nights of chit chatting? The movie dates? The hours of silence between us? However, I could never really understand how your mind worked and how you chose to carry yourself that way… I could never understand you, as you were too close to yourself, too mysterious…

Perhaps, that is why we faded away for each other. Maybe we gave up on trying to understand each other, how we thought and what we felt… And at a certain moment in time, during those few weeks we were together, something somewhere changed.

Thinking about it, what came next felt odd…. Still, after the pain that came back rushing in and the after all the bitterness, I realized that I would like to give it another go… Sooner or later, you have to acknowledge the fact that we are the same. You and me. We are the same in so many ways… We are, as you said, soulmates.

We are humans, though, and we are both two simple minds who have strayed too far from home at the moment. Luckily, for us that is, we are the ones who can find the right path again.

So, do you think we could give it another try?

In July? Would you meet me in July? Let’s meet in July…

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