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The Importance of Home.

Morning at home is a beginning. The light that flickers through the closed shutters or from behind any pulled curtains. The gentle tapping sound of my dog’s paws against the hard wooden flooring and the joyful sounds of children heading to school or the chirping of birds. It’s a symphony of sounds, the newness and the continuation.

Every morning, I have a look for the sky’s mood, lately it has been the same anyway, and I let my eyes get acquainted with the morning light of the day. The I roll under the light bed sheet, spilling any dreams before allowing myself to stretch across the bed or enjoy a few more cuddles with my fluffy dog.

And then, thoughts begin. Everything regarding the day ahead, what needs to be done, what work will bring, what the weather will be like, and what lunch or dinner will be. Awake and ready, the blinds are pushed up and the smell of fresh hot coffee begins filling the house and the room.

Home is a sacred space. It is the warmth we all need. The comfort and the security. It’s not until the moment we consider leaving that we recognize the beautiful moments we have and love and what occurred between the four walls. That’s when we begin appreciating the way things look around our home. The mess of the kitchen, the books and how they are stacked, the dusty corners…

Thanks to our routines and whatever is going on in the virtual universe, we simply forget to make space for what is happening within and around us. We hardly spend enough quality time within the space we spent hours of decorating and improving. We do not appreciate it as much.

So here’s my advice. Every day, every morning, afternoon or evening, make sure to spend some quality time within your personal space. Improve it even more and create the cosiness your soul and body needs. Relax and explore more. Be grateful for what you have.

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