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The Purest Love.

Waking up with the weight of a dog on my chest or the loud barking is probably not my idea of the greatest way to start my day on any morning – weekend or otherwise… If I had the choice, I’d rather hear the soft sounds of the world. However, this is not how it works in my world. Obviously. Hermes and Snoopy are our four legged alarm clocks, with loud voices comparing to their small size, and an appetite for treats and food! Try as I might, I can’t help but give in to their puppy dog eye looks and forget all about the noise and the licking.

Are they spoiled? Yes, I guess you could say so. However, I can always feel their love for me. Just as much as they feel my love for them. Be it licking my ears, my cheeks or the constant barking and the wagging of tails, I know that they are thanking me from the bottom of their hearts whenever I do something for them.

I often complain about these outrageous morning demands or the morning noise – mostly that one coming from Snoopy – but at the end of the day, I feel blessed for having them in my life every day and as their human, I have signed a contract which states I will look after them, to the very best of my abilities, until the day they take their final breaths.

Having grown up with dogs all my life, the truth is plain and out there: their love is the purest love one could ever hope to have! The love of cats is also the purest. The love of any animal is the purest. Animals are not fickle or vindictive. They forgive. I, personally, treat my animals like I would treat any human being, with decency and respect.

And so should you.

Happy World Animal Day to our little furry and four legged friends around the world!

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