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โœ…Monschau is a town in the western part of Germany, just by the Belgian border. It is located near the hills of the North Eifel in the narrow valley of Rur river. The historic part of the town is known for its many half timbered houses and narrow cobblestone streets which have remained as such for almost 300 years!! Above the town, the Monschau Castle hosts open air concerts.

Beginning of 1433, the castle was used by the dukes of Jรผlich. In 1543, Emperor Charles V besieged it as part of Guelders Wars and plundered the town. However, the castle remained with Jรผluch until 1609, when it became part of the Palatinate-Neuburg.

Monschau’s area has been passed on to the French and later on to the Kingdom of Prussia. During the World War I, Monschau was said it should be annexed to Belgium. And during World War II, the town of Monschau, sitting on a vital road network, was a point of great tactical importance in the opening phase of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

Today, the town is visited by plenty of people every day. One of the most famous houses is the Red House which belonged to a wealthy cloth manufacturer in 1752 and today stands as a museum and which shows the civil living culture between the 18th and the 19th centuries.

One can visit the Coffee roasting Wilhelm Maasen, founded in 1862. There is roasted coffee in old family tradition on an old PROBAT drum roaster. The Brewery Museum Felsenkeller has 150 years of brewing in the historical Monschau brewery.

Would you visit such a place? Let me know your thoughts!!!

The Red House of Moschau

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