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Dear Me.

Dear Future Me,

You have moved on quite a bit. You left a lot behind and for good reasons, I believe. So, now, all you must do is go forward confidently into that future that’s slowly unfolding before you. Keep smiling. Whatever worries and concerns you might have now will be forgotten in time. Be thankful for those small blessings. Even if things seem like they are falling apart, then accept that destruction is needed to build up again, to something new.

I do have some friendly advice and you should take that seriously for it’s very important! Trust me, I know from experience.

First, tell the people in your life you love them. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your life now. You should love them anyway. Whoever they are. Be grateful that they are placed in your life and seek out everything you can learn from them. Invest in moments and make memories with them.

Second, strive to just be yourself. Find out who you really are and be that person! It might take some time to get to that point, but I am sure you will manage. Don’t stand on someone else’s ground to be who they are. No. Build your own ground, your own hill, your own mountain and look around at your roots. Be proud of those roots. Love yourself now. Love what you have achieved. Do not think about who you will be in ten years. Think of the now you. And live life to the fullest with no regrets!

Continue growing with that bright, beautiful tune. Dance, sing and laugh. Practice meditation and gratitude. Go outside, see the world, and love every corner of it!

Inevitably, you will feel sadness again. You will feel that heartache, you will feel sick and possibly, you will come across that feeling of failure. I pray you do not come across those things any time soon. Please, promise me that in any of these cases, you will not give up on trying to find love, happiness, achieve things and be healthy… Life is beautiful and too short to live it in despair.

And finally, live authentically!!!



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