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Hello Monday

Botton Line: NOBODY likes Mondays.

You wake up contemplating life and wondering why weekends are that short (48 hours to be exact). You’ve probably many Monday mornings dreading the week that is to come, just like I have. Well, I’ve decided to make see things with positivity! And you should too!

Step 1: Music and playlists. Make an awesome playlist with new and old jams. It’s one of the best ways to turn your morning into a good one and get pumped for that Monday morning commute!

Step 2: Count your blessings. That’s one positive way to start your week. Thank who or whatever you believe in for your health, your job, your everything!

Step 3: Food filled with awesomeness!!! Oh I get excited when it comes to breakfast!! I love breakfast! I love all meals during my day and I am too happy when I have something delicious to look forward to at lunch or dinner. You can always look up at fun and new recipies to start doing meals better.

Step 4: Plan something for the after. Yes, you might hate Monday mornings and especially if you have to go to work early. But hey, what if you have something fun planned for later that day? A happy hour with friends, a shopping spree, some activity or even a date night at home with popcorn and movies. Have fun!

Step 5: Find/Read something funny. One of my favorite morning activities during that awesome breakfast mentioned above, is to check Twitter, Instagram or any other platform for a good laugh. That’s why we got accounts and pages with memes and phrases. Try boosting your mood along with those music jams!

Step 6: Plan on Sunday. I strong advise you get things you need ready for your Monday the day before. You, then, have less to worry about when you wake up and much more time to wake up easily and take a bit of time.

Step 7: Stretch. Simple as that. Stretching is a good way to wake up.

Step 8: Chug water. Water has positive effects on the body. It wakes you up, it keeps you energized and it hydrates you!

Step 9: Shower. You might be a shower-in-the-evening person, but have you ever showered in the morning? Well, it’s time you try it!

Step 10: Smile. No matter how stressful the day is going to be for you, no matter how much you dislike Monday mornings, you have to smile more!

So… Hello Monday. Here’s to another week! Let’s do this!

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