Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #1

Hello darlings! Happy Saturday y’all!! I hope your week has started well and you are enjoying yourself.

I know we all look forward to the weekend but why are those two days so great? Is it because we can sit and not do a thing? Is it because of the plenty of free time? Of course, there is no work for many and we don’t have to set an alarm the previous night, and that is simply wonderful.

My Saturday mornings are relatively busy lately but whatever I have planned for after always puts me in a better mood and I wish to share the little surprises of my day with you. That’s why I decided to start this new ”trend” in my blog which will include: Saturday thoughts and surprises.

Surprise #1:

Apparently, my family had decided to invite two friends over for lunch. I was told last night but, honestly, I simply COULDN’T wait for it! The pandemic has made meeting people a bit difficult. We all try to keep our distances and stay healthy and safe. Talking through facetime is not the same though…

Lunch was great though! As you might know, I am Greek and today’s menu included one specific Greek dish which I absolutely love. Think of lasagna… Only we call it Pastitsio!

It’s simply delicious and not that difficult to prepare if you find the right ingredients!

Of course, five Greeks on the same table…. Naturally there was no food left at the end. Side dishes included sausages (duh, we live in Germany), tzatziki, olives, bread and an amazing salad with pomegranate and other goodies mixed together!

Beer was also not excluded. Some had wine but I chose this beverage as it was cooler and lighter…

I can still feel the side effects… Never have beer with an few hours of sleep. Please, do take my advice seriously (:P)

What did you do today? What have you planned for tomorrow? Let me know all about it below in a comment!

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