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Monday Thoughts.

Some things you can do to have a good Monday morning and a good Monday in general.

  1. Eat breakfast. Seriously. Just do it. Make it healthy, make it delicious, make it fun.

2. Blast music in the morning and get pumped for the week ahead. I’ve said it before and it helps.

3. Give someone a small gift. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but meaningful. It could be bagels in the morning or a cup of coffee.

4. Get a good night’s sleep before. You know the importance of sleeping.

5. Plan a date with friends. It can be something fun or just a grab-a-drink date at the end of this working day.

6. Cheat day!!!!! Dieting? You got a strict gym regime? Most people, me included in the past, used to make Saturday or Sunday their cheat day but, apparently, there’s a lot of joy to be had if you make your Monday a more laid-back cheat day.

7. Prepare. To-do lists should be made at least on Friday and not on Sunday.

8. Take a walk. In the middle of day if possible.

9. Doll up. Dress in your favourite clothes or buy something fancy for that day, and put on your accessories and perfumes.

10. Chocolate. That goes with the cheat day. According to science, chocolate boosts your mood!

11. Add a quirk to your Monday routine. For example, add something extra on your breakfast, or prepare a different breakfast than your fruit salad or cereal. Use the good plates or a good mug.

12. Do not complain. Yes, it’s Monday and yes, everyone dislikes Mondays. Or mostly everyone. But complaining won’t get you far1

13. Clean on the weekend. Nothing feels better than a tidy apartment when you get back home.

14. Bubble bath time! Is there something better after a hard working day in the week? Well, Mondays are perfect days for a good bubble bath with bath bombs of all scents and colours. Pour some wine, put some calming tunes on and soak for a while.

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