Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #4

Hello peeps!!! Happy Saturday to all who will read, or are currently, reading this!

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since the last time I wrote a post. But really, it’s not my fault. Let me explain…

The first reason that has gotten my posting order delayed is – what we all call – a New Chapter in my life. I won’t get much into detail here, but let me tell you this! Things are finally coming around for the better. My professional life has a promising future ahead and my personal life is following. I’ve always liked adventures – even though most of them were related to trips around Europe. However, I do like a good different kind of adventure now and then. And I am looking forward to it!

On another note, the weather has been changing quickly in Germany. Some weeks ago, we had rain and windy weather which equals – simply- cold. But the last two weeks, the sun has been shining, the days have gotten longer and the weather gets warmer in the middle of the day. It can be so warm that you do not need a jacket!! Not a heavy one, anyway. I know it’s just Spring – not my most favorite season really – but sometimes I feel like summer is getting much closer already. Maybe that is why time flies by quickly, right? Do you think it does, too? I can’t wait for those days when I will get to sit in the garden, enjoy the warmth of the sun, drink my cold coffee or a cold juice, wear sunglasses and be in need of a sun protection lotion for my face. I can’t say I am looking forward to the heatwaves of summer… but I will manage.

How I am feeling in the car now!

Another update from my life… I am finally beginning to drive around. Yes, it does start a bit late for me – not gonna lie – but that’s alright. As the say ‘Better late than ever’.

Today – Saturday 19th of March – I don’t have much to say. It was a good day overall. Work went well, the kids left the school happy and with a bit of homework (to draw me something they want), and we might be having a Harry Potter viewing in the upcoming weeks with popcorn and chips. In about an hour, I am planning on taking my dog for a nice walk in the sun with music playing in my ears and later on, I might have a coffee (not a cold one though) as well as put on a movie or catch up with friends from Greece.

What are your plans for today? Let me know below!

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