Sharing Thoughts

The Stages.

Love is a mysterious and amazing feeling. It’s like Magic. It’s an emotion, a powerful one, that can make things seem possible. Love is utterly wonderful and makes one believe in something more than dreams. It can mesmerize someone and yet, it can break a heart.

At the age of 1:

Love is a gentle caress we receive. It’s what raised us from that one tiny cell to an innocent little human being. It’s the joyful moment of being an infant and the happiness we bring to the ones who gave us this life. Love at the age of 1 was being embraced and protected and lullabies.

At the age of 5:

Playfulness. Love is innocence and endless hanging out with our friends and toys. Love was holding our parents’ hands and going shopping for more toys or at the playground and the zoo. Love was about getting ice cream on a summer’s hot day.

At the age of 10:

Love is about learning. It’s when we learn to read, write and when we discover things about the world. Love is when we learn how to communicate or when we understand the tricks of math, the wonders of science and the stories. Love was education.

At the age of 15:

That’s the age when things grow intense. Slightly. But they do. It’s when love meant falling for someone. It’s the puppy like love, as others have described it. The funny little feeling that keeps on growing. Love was truly a mystery at this point.

At the age of 16 to 19:

The time of riding the crazy waves of this emotion with our hormones spiking so high. It’s the age when everyone believes they’re ”adulting” and they think that this feeling is truly a love of a lifetime.

At the age of 20:

The moment when everything else became vague and difficult. Life became confusing. It is the age when we finally encounter people who reject and turn us down. When we finally learn to like someone who can’t like us back. It’s the age when we love so deeply we end up getting drowned. This is the age of growing up, the year of finally coming to know we can’t have what we want. Not always.

At the age of 25:

Eventually we realize how love changes through time. Its meaning becoming more significant. Love is tangled with happiness and happiness means something more. Something special and indescribable. Love at this age, the age of 25, is about understanding oneself.

As of now… Love is a mystery. It’s the sympathy and the loneliness we feel. It’s the broken heart when we lose someone close to us. It’s the fear of being left alone. Love has a deeper meaning now. It’s about working a career we don’t have a passion for. It’s about making a living and making both ends meet. Love is now depicted as both positive and negative, joy and sorrow.

Does Love change as we grow? That’s one question one might ask. Love was something we received and it turns out to be someone we give as we grow up. It is something shared. We never realize that the magic of love is evident in every stage of our lives. The value of love is consistent as we mature and grow up.

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