Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn.

Dear Autumn,

Have you noticed that scents carry memories? Sometimes, you put on a perfume and suddenly you remember the person who wore it, the things that were said that day and everything else… It’s like that for me these days. Whenever I put on my perfume, memories come flooding back in my mind. Good, bad… Both are welcome.

Last year, when you rolled around, Autumn, I was working in a small school. It was more of an afternoon school. Now, I am working in a big school. One that I had hoped to get into sometime. How time can sneak up on us!

You were lovely today morning. The day began moody and as my father drove me to the hospital, all the fields around our area were covered with this mist. Now, the day has changed into a sunny one but the temperature remains a low on.

I hope you stick around, Autumn.

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