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Letters to Spring.

Dear Spring... Hello. Again. It's been a few days since my first ever letter to you, Spring, but I could not find you sometimes to deliver this one. I still can't, but I hope it reaches you anyway. Although you are here and I can see that all around me, at least in most things,… Continue reading Letters to Spring.

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Let it go.

This last two months, maybe a bit more, I've learned a very important lesson. Pretending that something doesn't affect you in any way - especially a negative one- doesn't reduce the impact it can have on you and your mental health. Surely, ignoring some emotions is a very tempting thought and something many of us… Continue reading Let it go.

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Merry Christmas, Sir.

2022 is almost at an end. A couple of weeks more and we will be stepping into 2023 with the best of hopes for a better year. While 2022 is coming to an end of us, it is also the year for Sir Elton John to leave the music scene. After 60 years of colorful… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Sir.

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Lazy Sundays

Good morning world! It's Sunday and that means laziness. Right? Let's talk about it. Where I grew up - Greece - the Sundays I remember were always sunny days. Even in the middle of winter, we would wake up to the sun shining above us and with the chill remaining in the air. Not that… Continue reading Lazy Sundays

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The Stages.

Love is a mysterious and amazing feeling. It's like Magic. It's an emotion, a powerful one, that can make things seem possible. Love is utterly wonderful and makes one believe in something more than dreams. It can mesmerize someone and yet, it can break a heart. At the age of 1: Love is a gentle… Continue reading The Stages.

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It’s those that matter.

What matters the most to you? What are those little things that matter the most? For me it's writing. I love buying notebooks or journals for that. I carry them around everywhere I go. And I literally mean ''everywhere''. I write about anything. My favourite quotes from books, movies or those I come up with… Continue reading It’s those that matter.

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First milestone reached!

Okay. I haven't posted something in a while but there's a good explanation about that. I got a new job!!! And I've been busy because of this new job!!! And I love it!!! Even though I am tired... hehe As I am off today, though, I finally opened up this blog of mine and noticed… Continue reading First milestone reached!

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A late March Wrap Up.

Good morning my lovelies... It's mid-April now and I finally have the time to write last month's wrap up. I am sorry for the delay, but March was a hell of a month with lots happening and lots changing. In general, it was an okay month and probably one of the happiest months this year… Continue reading A late March Wrap Up.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings. They happen. They can be big. They can be small. But they are new beginnings nonetheless. All you have to do is trust yourself, your choices, trust the world and whatever else you believe in. All you got to do is know your footing. Keep your eyes open as you walk down this… Continue reading New Beginnings

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February Wrap Up.

February. The shortest month of all! And it's over. It's gone. It's almost March! Alright, that was fast... I do not remember months passing by that fast when I was younger. Anyhow, I hope this month was a good one for you. Things are difficult in the world lately. The pandemic and now a war… Continue reading February Wrap Up.