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First milestone reached!

Okay. I haven't posted something in a while but there's a good explanation about that. I got a new job!!! And I've been busy because of this new job!!! And I love it!!! Even though I am tired... hehe As I am off today, though, I finally opened up this blog of mine and noticed… Continue reading First milestone reached!

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Monday Thoughts

Hello Monday! Here we are again. Rise & shine, a new week begins! Good morning darlings! Are you awake yet? If you are, then remember to smile, put on some tunes, drink water and plan your day and what follows after work. Whatever is in store, let's make this day a great one! Monday Thoughts… Continue reading Monday Thoughts


Photography & Coffee

☕❤️☕ Hello darlings!! Finally Friday, right? How did this week go for you? Did anything exciting happen? And what are your plans for the weekend? Although I work tomorrow morning for a couple of hours, I am looking forward to my morning cup of coffee and what follows in the day (shopping spree 🛍️) I… Continue reading Photography & Coffee

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Dear Me.

Dear Future Me, You have moved on quite a bit. You left a lot behind and for good reasons, I believe. So, now, all you must do is go forward confidently into that future that’s slowly unfolding before you. Keep smiling. Whatever worries and concerns you might have now will be forgotten in time. Be… Continue reading Dear Me.

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This hour.

Personally, I've always been a fan of this morning hours. I've been a biggest fan of the night hours, being a night owl and all that... but that's a story for an other time. In those brief moments between being asleep and awake, my brain, most days, yells to me that I am late. That… Continue reading This hour.

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And it all begins with..

...Coffee. Coffee of any kind or taste. Just like your average morning, this blog begins with a warm cup of coffee by my keyboard and the right kind of music playing. And why start a blog with such a title, you might ask. In all honesty, I do not have the right answer for you… Continue reading And it all begins with..