Middle Earth Fashion: Elves

Although Tolkien never talked much about the costumes of Middle- earth’s characters, the designers for the films created some stunning costumers with great detail and thus winning an Oscar for the third movie, The Return of the King. The Elves of Lothlorien and Imladris/Rivendell wear elegant clothes but with many layers, some of which are… Continue reading Middle Earth Fashion: Elves


Middle Earth Fashion: Hobbits.

Hobbits definitely do not have the elegant style of the Elves in Middle Earth, as their clothes tend to be simple and suitable for the various occupations they follow, and which are the ones taking up a lot of their time in their daily lives. In this case, the clothes are inspired by the attires… Continue reading Middle Earth Fashion: Hobbits.

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Time Travel. Does it exist only in our imagination?

We all remember Hermione’s beautiful, golden time turner in the Prisoner of Azkaban. She used it to catch up with all her lessons – and not only that. We also remember the huge, impressive time machine in the 2002 film of the same name, as well as the numerous time travels in the Star Trek… Continue reading Time Travel. Does it exist only in our imagination?

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🍂 Ways to fall in love with in Fall

We have entered September and even though we are not that far into the month, autumn is on its way! Summer's over and people are back in the ''normal'', the ''every day'' routine. Personally, I have always loved autumn. It's not too hot but also not too cold. The leaves are turning in all those… Continue reading 🍂 Ways to fall in love with in Fall

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One more Harry Potter fan.

Let's talk about the most famous published series of books... Harry Potter and.... (insert all titles here). We all know that the wizarding world of Harry and his gang is not going to close its doors any time soon due to more movies in the making (Fantastic Beasts series)... Even if we never hear from… Continue reading One more Harry Potter fan.


Photography & Quotes.

📖 Soft pillows, cozy blankets and a good book. The only company one needs! Hello all!! Moving back to Germany from Greece, I finally had the chance to rearrange my bedroom, redecorate it and do an very early srping cleaning... While doing all the aforementioned, I found quite a few of my favorite books. One of… Continue reading Photography & Quotes.

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Weekends and reading.

What is reading for you? Is it just another favorite pasttime you enjoy once in a while, maybe every night by going through a page or two? Or is it more? For me, reading is a portal to so many worlds. There are thousand worlds out there. Fantastical worlds and the ones we already know… Continue reading Weekends and reading.