Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #3

☕❤️ Happy Sunday lovelies!! 🙋‍♀️ Another week has come to its end or is just beginning... Really, which is the first day of the week for you? For me, it's Monday 🤪 This is a Saturday Surprises piece though, and I am planning on talking about said day! I am so sorry for the delay… Continue reading Saturday Surprises #3

Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #2

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday and happy weekend in general!!!Every Friday, I get the same question: What are your plans for the weekend? My answer remains the same for the most part: "I work tomorrow (meaning Saturday morning)... After that, I do not know" And I don't mind not knowing. Why do we need to always… Continue reading Saturday Surprises #2


Photography & Coffee

☕❤️☕ Hello darlings!! Finally Friday, right? How did this week go for you? Did anything exciting happen? And what are your plans for the weekend? Although I work tomorrow morning for a couple of hours, I am looking forward to my morning cup of coffee and what follows in the day (shopping spree 🛍️) I… Continue reading Photography & Coffee

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Coffee Thoughts.

It's usually a battle between the bed and the kitchen, in the morning. Sometimes, it can be between the office and the coffee shop across the street. At first, it might seem like the first option will win out again either by forcing you to take a nap or work more. But then you realize… Continue reading Coffee Thoughts.

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But first… Coffee

Since highschool, since my 15th years of life, most of my mornings have started in the same way. With a cup of coffee. The ordinary kind, not the fancy lattes. I am not quite sure who it is to blame about this habit that got developed over the years that followed. But really, is there… Continue reading But first… Coffee

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To you, my morning pleasure…

Most mornings are the same… The alarm begins to shriek and my hand will automatically reach out to mute it. I wish I could mute another day really. However, for the few minutes I got left before that is repeated, I remain in bed, among my pillows while fighting that state between my dreams and… Continue reading To you, my morning pleasure…

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This hour.

Personally, I've always been a fan of this morning hours. I've been a biggest fan of the night hours, being a night owl and all that... but that's a story for an other time. In those brief moments between being asleep and awake, my brain, most days, yells to me that I am late. That… Continue reading This hour.

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All I want is a cup of coffee with you…

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. When the sun is setting in the horizon and the last warm rays slip through the windows. I want to stay next to you for a bit longer, before we take out separate ways. I want to enjoy that cup of coffee with you, and… Continue reading All I want is a cup of coffee with you…

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And it all begins with..

...Coffee. Coffee of any kind or taste. Just like your average morning, this blog begins with a warm cup of coffee by my keyboard and the right kind of music playing. And why start a blog with such a title, you might ask. In all honesty, I do not have the right answer for you… Continue reading And it all begins with..