Letters to Spring

Letters to Spring.

Dear Spring, Welcome. You are finally here... Everyone loves you because you're the reason that comes after the cold days of winter. At least for the ones here in the northern continents of the world. Things warm up day by day, the flowers begin to bloom, the spring allergies comes along, the colors become vibrant… Continue reading Letters to Spring.

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Dear Me.

Dear Future Me, You have moved on quite a bit. You left a lot behind and for good reasons, I believe. So, now, all you must do is go forward confidently into that future that’s slowly unfolding before you. Keep smiling. Whatever worries and concerns you might have now will be forgotten in time. Be… Continue reading Dear Me.

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Dear Summer

Dear Summer, It is no secret how much I love you. How much I've always loved you... Truth be told, I like autumn as well. I must confess, I've written more letters to your sister autumn than you, but that's all in the past. Winter, along with this celebration most of the world loved -… Continue reading Dear Summer