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Lazy Sundays

Good morning world! It's Sunday and that means laziness. Right? Let's talk about it. Where I grew up - Greece - the Sundays I remember were always sunny days. Even in the middle of winter, we would wake up to the sun shining above us and with the chill remaining in the air. Not that… Continue reading Lazy Sundays

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Madly, Deeply – Alan Rickman Diaries

When Alan Rickman was in his 40s, he appeared in two roles that proved life changing for him. And if you have followed his career, you definitely know them. One was the criminal mastermind in the thriller of 1988 Die Hard where he portrayed Hand Gruber, a terrorist who has seized control of a Los… Continue reading Madly, Deeply – Alan Rickman Diaries

Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn.

Dear Autumn, Sundays are odd days. Don't you think? On one hand, they are considered - at least by my good self - to be lazy days. Peaceful days and relaxing. Slow and sweet. On the other hand, though, they can be bitter with the thought of that Monday that's about to follow. As a… Continue reading Letters to Autumn.

Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn.

Dear Autumn, Have you noticed that scents carry memories? Sometimes, you put on a perfume and suddenly you remember the person who wore it, the things that were said that day and everything else... It's like that for me these days. Whenever I put on my perfume, memories come flooding back in my mind. Good,… Continue reading Letters to Autumn.

Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn

Dear Autumn, Let me explain... I was born during a summer month but that season has become so unbearable for more now. July, even though it is a wonderful time for the beach, seems like it's trying to hug me so tight that I suffocate slowly. I am much more in love with you, now,… Continue reading Letters to Autumn


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Sail away 💙 Good morning my lovelies!!! 💙 A little friendly advice. If you ever find yourself wanting to let things go, then find your way to the beach. Or the river. Talk to the waves and I promise, they will listen and then take your thoughts away. They will allow you to let things… Continue reading Photography & Quotes

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First milestone reached!

Okay. I haven't posted something in a while but there's a good explanation about that. I got a new job!!! And I've been busy because of this new job!!! And I love it!!! Even though I am tired... hehe As I am off today, though, I finally opened up this blog of mine and noticed… Continue reading First milestone reached!

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A late March Wrap Up.

Good morning my lovelies... It's mid-April now and I finally have the time to write last month's wrap up. I am sorry for the delay, but March was a hell of a month with lots happening and lots changing. In general, it was an okay month and probably one of the happiest months this year… Continue reading A late March Wrap Up.

Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #4

Hello peeps!!! Happy Saturday to all who will read, or are currently, reading this! Wow, it's been a hot minute since the last time I wrote a post. But really, it's not my fault. Let me explain... The first reason that has gotten my posting order delayed is - what we all call - a… Continue reading Saturday Surprises #4

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings. They happen. They can be big. They can be small. But they are new beginnings nonetheless. All you have to do is trust yourself, your choices, trust the world and whatever else you believe in. All you got to do is know your footing. Keep your eyes open as you walk down this… Continue reading New Beginnings