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Let it go.

This last two months, maybe a bit more, I've learned a very important lesson. Pretending that something doesn't affect you in any way - especially a negative one- doesn't reduce the impact it can have on you and your mental health. Surely, ignoring some emotions is a very tempting thought and something many of us… Continue reading Let it go.

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The Stages.

Love is a mysterious and amazing feeling. It's like Magic. It's an emotion, a powerful one, that can make things seem possible. Love is utterly wonderful and makes one believe in something more than dreams. It can mesmerize someone and yet, it can break a heart. At the age of 1: Love is a gentle… Continue reading The Stages.

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It’s those that matter.

What matters the most to you? What are those little things that matter the most? For me it's writing. I love buying notebooks or journals for that. I carry them around everywhere I go. And I literally mean ''everywhere''. I write about anything. My favourite quotes from books, movies or those I come up with… Continue reading It’s those that matter.

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Dear Me.

Dear Future Me, You have moved on quite a bit. You left a lot behind and for good reasons, I believe. So, now, all you must do is go forward confidently into that future that’s slowly unfolding before you. Keep smiling. Whatever worries and concerns you might have now will be forgotten in time. Be… Continue reading Dear Me.


A Trip in the Festive Cologne.

Cologne in Germany's North Rhine Westphalia is one of the most historical, interesting and medieval towns of Europe. At the same time, it remains a destination perfect for day trips from the Netherlands, Belgium and the bigger German cities surrounding it. It can easily be reached by train or by air travel. The city is… Continue reading A Trip in the Festive Cologne.

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Your Daily Prophet

Some weeks ago, HBO Max announced through a short video the reunion of Harry Potter which will be broadcasted in its platform on New Year's. In the first video, as well as the one that follows, we see many familiar faces. Robbie Coltrane, Matthew Lewis and Mark Williams receive invitations for the big reunion along… Continue reading Your Daily Prophet

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A Special Christmas Time.

The holidays are a deeply magical time for many of us. But they can also be stressful and draining. Especially during the time of a pandemic. There is always some planning to be done and while taking care of others, it can be difficult to take care of yourself. However, the holidays should be those… Continue reading A Special Christmas Time.

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Giving Thanks Time.

Honestly, I never celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. Not even when I lived abroad in the country where Thanksgiving is a big thing! Unfortunately, it's not a tradition where I come from. I only learned about it through English class at school and by looking it up later on on the world of the web.… Continue reading Giving Thanks Time.