Myself & I

My name is Maria. People call me either by that or Mary, and sometimes Sae. I am Greek and I currently live in the beautiful Germany… As you have probably guessed (through my writing duh!) I speak English and I prefer it as a language most of the time. However, my mother language is Greek and I speak German in a near to fluency way. I studied English Literature and Language and once, I was aspiring to become a teacher in a primary school. So far, I haven’t achieved that! As a part time job, something I do once in a while, I am a writer of children’s books. I tend to be a little bit shy, an introvert most of the time, but if I get to know someone, I might as well open up.

⌘ I am a mother of a white furry monster, a Maltese-Westie, called Hermes. Truthfully, I cannot imagine my life without him around.

⌘ Some of my interests include reading (makes sense, right?), writing, listening to music or singing (sometimes both), photography and travelling.

⌘ I do not have favourite TV shows but I tend to watch a bit of everything that catches my interest. However, when it comes to movies, I find a love in me for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the movies from the Marvel Universe, and many more.

⌘ My favourite books include of course the Harry Potter series and the Tolkien works and a few good old time classics which I discovered while studying.

⌘ Other than working full time and spending time developing this blog, I enjoy spending time with my friends outside or partying with them, walking, sleeping and cooking for myself and others.

⌘ I started this blog with my main goal to share my opinions and ideas and thoughts with you, good people. It is not about one specific thing, though. The main thing, which you might have figured out thanks to its name, is that I am a coffee lover. Most of my writing occurs while I am enjoying that hot drink in the morning or any other time during the day.

In the future, near or otherwise, I would like to put up a few posts written by you. Full credit will go to you of course!! If you ever find yourself interested, you can always contact me at: [email protected]

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