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Madly, Deeply – Alan Rickman Diaries

When Alan Rickman was in his 40s, he appeared in two roles that proved life changing for him. And if you have followed his career, you definitely know them. One was the criminal mastermind in the thriller of 1988 Die Hard where he portrayed Hand Gruber, a terrorist who has seized control of a Los… Continue reading Madly, Deeply – Alan Rickman Diaries


Visiting Dinant.

Hello my lovelies!!! How was your Wednesday? How are you, in general? Today, I'd like you to come with me to Dinant, a small city located in the Province of Namur, Belgium. As the weather was good and had been a while since getting out of town, a drive to this beautiful small city was… Continue reading Visiting Dinant.

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A late March Wrap Up.

Good morning my lovelies... It's mid-April now and I finally have the time to write last month's wrap up. I am sorry for the delay, but March was a hell of a month with lots happening and lots changing. In general, it was an okay month and probably one of the happiest months this year… Continue reading A late March Wrap Up.

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February Wrap Up.

February. The shortest month of all! And it's over. It's gone. It's almost March! Alright, that was fast... I do not remember months passing by that fast when I was younger. Anyhow, I hope this month was a good one for you. Things are difficult in the world lately. The pandemic and now a war… Continue reading February Wrap Up.

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January Wrap – Up

Why did I do one of these earlier? I wonder.. Hello darlings! It's been February for 3 days already! Can you believe that?! January is already gone and we are in 2022 for a month and some days. Oof. Time does fly by! Was it just me or did January feel like the longest month… Continue reading January Wrap – Up


A Trip in the Festive Cologne.

Cologne in Germany's North Rhine Westphalia is one of the most historical, interesting and medieval towns of Europe. At the same time, it remains a destination perfect for day trips from the Netherlands, Belgium and the bigger German cities surrounding it. It can easily be reached by train or by air travel. The city is… Continue reading A Trip in the Festive Cologne.


Middle Earth Fashion: Elves

Although Tolkien never talked much about the costumes of Middle- earth’s characters, the designers for the films created some stunning costumers with great detail and thus winning an Oscar for the third movie, The Return of the King. The Elves of Lothlorien and Imladris/Rivendell wear elegant clothes but with many layers, some of which are… Continue reading Middle Earth Fashion: Elves


Middle Earth Fashion: Hobbits.

Hobbits definitely do not have the elegant style of the Elves in Middle Earth, as their clothes tend to be simple and suitable for the various occupations they follow, and which are the ones taking up a lot of their time in their daily lives. In this case, the clothes are inspired by the attires… Continue reading Middle Earth Fashion: Hobbits.


Celestyal Cruise – Idyllic Aegean Review.

Celestyal Crystal Ship Our adventure began on a very hot summer day of July this year, in the - as per usual - busy port of Piraeus near Athens. That is when, after a couple of needed checks (buggage drop off, Covid rapid test and the check-in) we arrived on board the Greek line of… Continue reading Celestyal Cruise – Idyllic Aegean Review.