Sharing Thoughts

It’s officially, for some time now, Christmas season, and with the holidays are a few days away. People are already doing the last of their shopping in the town and the deorations have been put up since the beginning of the month. However, I find myself more interested in the experiences Christmas offers, than the material items.

I am looking forward to driving around the town I am visiting while Christmas songs play on the radio and watching the twinkling lights on the trees and outside the houses.

I am looking forward to the scent of gingerbread spreading with the wind. Or the taste of hot chocolate, which during this season is somewhat more special.

I am looking forward to snapping pictures of the possible snow, of my dog walking in it, or just of the decorations in my own house. Maybe my family could also have a part in them.

I am looking forward to the warm blankets I can cuddle up under while watching all those classical Christmas movies. I might have seen them a thousand times, but they never get too old.

I certainly look forward to visiting the local Christmas markets and enjoy all the decorations and things one can find there.

I am looking forward to seeing my family and staying over with them. I can’t wait to share a meal together with them. We lead busy lives and n different countries.

My plan for this Christmas is to not pay attention to the price tags or look at the calendar and the dates and worry that the shift towards the end of the holidays so quickly. I will appreciate each and every moment. I will make most of the time. I will cherish the memories and it’s going to be “the most wonderful time of the year”.

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