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Daily quotes.

”I wish Sundays came with a pause buttom for us to press… Cherish every minute and be grateful…”

  • Maria Moraitou, myself.

3 thoughts on “Daily quotes.

  1. Hi Maria, nice to meet you here in WordPress. Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week since I was a kid. We get together as a family, go to church, have meals together and relax. 🙂 Thanks for following as blog as well. Cheers for the many more post and beautiful pictures to come and take care. Love, Kris and Aileen


    1. Hi there! Nice to meet you too! Thank you for the comment and your good words in your comments. 😀 My most favorite day has always been Saturday but Sundays are just as good!! I hope you find my blog interesting and that you enjoy my writing… Truth be told, it’s been some time…
      Hope to hear from you soon!!


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