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Monday mornings and how to make them better.

Monday mornings. Yes… Everybody knows how some people, most people maybe, do not like them… You wake up, you contemplate about life, and you wonder why weekends are just 48 hours long and not more. You find it unfair… and it might be unfair…

We have experienced Monday mornings over the years in different ways. Personally, I always disliked them until, at my 27th years, I decided to find ways to make life and those mornings flourish with positivity that will get me going through the week.

Finally, I figured it might be even worth it of sharing them with you…

  1. Start your morning by playing an awesome playlist of your creation with both new or old songs. Music can easily turn a frown into a smile and get you pumped! It’s the universal truth. Dance to the music, sing along to it and you have a good chance of forgetting it’s just another Monday morning!
  2. Stretch. While in bed. Stretch good. It’s a good way to wake you up in the morning.
  3. Shower and take your time doing so. That’s my second way of waking up… Even though I do it every day really, I love taking my time by being under the water and listening to the music play in the background. The scent of a great shampoo or shower gel is also a plus!!
  4. Remember what you are grateful about. This is, or should be, an every day thing. It should be part of your daily routine… Any bad thought can be turned around if you remember what you are thankful for having in your life. Family, friends, a good job… Your health.
  5. Prepare good food. And food must be filled with awesomness. That is a task which you can think about and do, or have planned, by the day before. Waking up excited and looking forward to a good, delicious breakfast or lunch ahead is making my day!
  6. Laugh in the morning. Find a few good accounts to follow on Instagram or Facebook with memes or jokes and check them out in the morning.
  7. Plan something for your afternoon or evening. You might be dreading the morning at work… You might not be dreading it, but just disliking it…. What if you have something to look forward to for after? A shopping spree with your girls, a movie night, dinner at a fancy restaurant or a simple one even, happy hour!

By the time you get to the office or school, and if you have followed the above mentioned activities, you have already lived a full day with positive moments. You will find yourself smiling… and the day will progress fast..

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