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Being a Coffee lover.

  1. 1. Being a coffee lover begins in the morning, with the process of waking up. You open your eyes and you immediately think about this hot drink. That’s how your morning routine starts.

2. No matter the time of the day, you absolutely love the smell of coffee. You probably believe that there is nothing better than that.

3. Iced coffee saves you from every hot day in summer. You chug it down in seconds too.

4. You have become acquainted with every cafe and coffee shop that is in a 15-mile radius from your house or your working area. At times, you also try to extend a bit further and try the drinks of another place.

5. Weekends are your favorite days, but the opportunity to stay in bed longer than any other day with a hot cup of coffee is what you are looking forward to.

6. A bonus is the occasional treat you can get with your coffee. Everybody loves a cookie on the side.

7. You are probably one of the regulars in one or two coffee shops. The baristas know you and they rarely ask you what you want, since they will remember.

8. You love buying mugs. For your coffee. And even though you might have a cupboard full of cool mugs of every size and kind, you can’t help but buy another every time you get the chance to do so. It’s your own collection.

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