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Ideas for a better morning routine.

I will be honest with you… I was never good at keeping one decent morning routine in the past. Mainly due to school and then University, and finally because of my working schedule. Over the years, my routine changed and I did end up having more time in my hands before heading to the office… But that has changed now…

I remember myself waking up in the morning, in my dark room, and immediately reaching out for my phone. But now, I find myself staying home, thanks to the coronavirus spreading out in the world, and my schedule had shifted. I have started to avoid grabbing the first thing that keeps me connected to the world for at least one hour every morning.

It’s been only a few days since I began following said routine, but in that little time, I have noticed the difference. I am certainly more energized and productive afterwards. Replacing the “bad” habits with some “good” ones is the first step needed to be taken. So, following below are some tips:

  1. Grab a book. Instead of grabbing your phone and going through your social media updates, try grabbing a book you have been reading. Finish another page. After a day of long working hours and responsibilities, I doubt there is much time or even the good mood for reading more than a page. Personally, I have fallen asleep with a book in my hands too many times at night. Catching up on some of that favorite past-time in the morning with a clear mind, it is worth it.
  2. Grab a notebook. Full creative mood there and lots of inspiration to share your ideas or dreams. If you are not into writing, however, you can still plan your day ahead by making a to-do list.
  3. Take a shower. Usually, I recommend the very-early-in-the-morning shower. I find it a good way to wake up myself. Even if you plan to return back to bed for an hour or os, feeling refreshed will put you in a better mood.
  4. Make your bed. That is one important step there. Being refreshed for a shower – should you follow that – and returning to one messy bed… I never found it pleasant. So, when you get up, make your bed, decorate it with some nice pillows, puff up the pillows, and enjoy it later again.
  5. Serve yourself breakfast. It can be one simple mug of cereal or some toast with your favorite jam, or one delicious rich breakfast with all the goodies. If it is a weekend day for you and time is not a problem, enjoy said breakfast in bed!
  6. Let that fresh air in! Sure, it might be cold, windy, rainy, snowy… or it might be something in between that and warm. The idea of opening up the windows in case the weather outside is far from pleasant might not be something to look forward to. However, letting some fresh air in is important.

Six simple steps for a good morning routine. Following them has changed my morning to a much better one and I begin the day with a good mood. I feel motivated, creative and ready for anything that might occur later on. I hope you will do too!

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