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Unemployment and what it’s like.





It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, around 10 a.m or so, I am alone in my bedroom. I stare at my desktop’s screen, the browser is opened at my Gmail, and I click at the circular arrow with the hopes that something will appear in my inbox. Then I think… That’s what it feels like. To be unemployed.

Refresh. Again.

It is fun. Being unemployed. You have endless time to do things you couldn’t before. You can either pick up a new series of 10 seasons, 16 episodes each on Netflix. You can redecorate your bedroom or apartment. You can work on that meal schedule of yours, etc. Or, when the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining, you can take a walk. Isn’t that great?

Once more. Refresh.

Then again, it’s torture. Being unemployed. You feel as if you are not part of the society. You exist out of time. You sit at the local coffee shop and you watch people come and go before your eyes. They are carrying their cappuccinos and lattes, they take the bus or they jump in their car. They get on with their routines and lives! You, however, you want patiently for the evenings or the weekends which are the only time of the day, or days, you get to interact with your friends and family. During such times, you sit and listen to their chats about projects they are due in a week, or meetings. You are stuck.

Refresh. For the 100th time.

Being unemployed is simply not being. We are nothing without it. And that nothingness does not include that sense of freedom we all like. You may have felt good by quitting your last job, you may have felt good by taking a good long, needed break, and recharging your battiers. But what happens now? You suffocate. The ultimate scarce resource of time you have is a black hole, it sucks you up. And it also sucks up your money, your self-esteem… and all you can do is…


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