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January Wrap – Up

Why did I do one of these earlier? I wonder..

Hello darlings! It’s been February for 3 days already! Can you believe that?! January is already gone and we are in 2022 for a month and some days. Oof. Time does fly by!

Was it just me or did January feel like the longest month ever? This January particularly… Why did that happen? Is it because of Covid? Because it’s the time after Christmas when you are trying to return to this reality and adjust your schedule by writing down another year?

Not much happened during January regarding the restrictions and measures here in Germany. Sure, we still wear masks and more rules have actually been announced (2 rule thing and so on). My January was a bit of an adventure, though. Let’s get to that…

First, I had to work during the first week. Now, some of you might know that I am a teacher and, normally, we have the first week of the month still free. Well, I had to substitute some hours that had been cancelled over December and November… Honestly, that was a good start and I did not feel bored while sitting at home… During the second week, I got my third vaccine shot and I was out for two days after. I managed to binge watch some shows though! And eat soup!

I did a little bit of shopping, set some goals for the new year, planned things with my parents (still ongoing thing) and decided to start looking for a second job! How that’s going… Well, that’s a story for another time.

One of my year’s resolutions is to have a reading goal. I start small, as that is my first time. The amount of books I wish to read until the end of the year comes up to 40. Do you think it’s doable? January, although a little busy of a month with things was a good reading month and I managed to catch up with 4 books.

Favorite Books:

  1. Although in a beautiful box set here, the Harry Potter books are always in my reading list every year. In January I began my reading marathon with the first one!
  2. Alright, I love some good Greek Mythology stuff. Natalie Haynes waltzed in my life with her books last year in early winter and I immediately fell in love. I couldn’t help it and I finally got Pandora’s Jar in my bookshelf. Excellent!
  3. The Modern Break-Up was a suggestion by a good friend. If you are trying to understand modern relationships, then it might be a good book to read as there are bits of advice.
  4. A Little Princess… Now that’s a book I never read before. However, I was always a big fan of the movie which I grew up watching! I am so happy I got to read it… A bit difficult with long sentences but enjoyable!

Favorite Show:

Honestly, it wasn’t that difficult to choose a favorite show for this month. I was waiting for the last season of this one for a whole year! Have you heard of the Discovery of Witches yet? Have you read the books? If yes, then you are AMAZING… If not, well… I strongly advise you to get to it!! Witches, vampires, daemons in a world of humans. Amazing show, amazing plot, amazing cast… Bloomin’ love it!

So this was my short January wrap up! How was your month? What were your favorites? Let me know!

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