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Coffee Thoughts.

It’s usually a battle between the bed and the kitchen, in the morning. Sometimes, it can be between the office and the coffee shop across the street. At first, it might seem like the first option will win out again either by forcing you to take a nap or work more. But then you realize you cannot say no to a good cup of coffee.

And off you go to the shop or your kitchen to prepare that cup of coffee. But then, there’s another dilemma… Which mug do you use for today’s coffee?

Personally, I like my coffee in a mug. None of those plastic things. Maybe I can also have a few bamboo cups for coffee-to-go. But no matter what, this drink demands a large cup which can hold more than one finger. That being said, I realized – the other day – that I have done a very good thing. Over time I managed to gather more mugs than my two shelves can hold. Why would I need so many mugs? I drink one or two mugs of coffee throughout the day… And I don’t always change mugs. I just wash the one I picked out the first time.

Looking over my mugs, I realized that it was not a collection per se. It’s more of a miscellaneous group of mugs, most of which had appeared without me noticing… Or at least that’s what I think.

What do I have? Well, let’s see…. There are a few mugs that have advertisements on them. There are a couple I could have disposed of but didn’t because they are from the good old days before I even start drinking coffee… There are plenty from various locations – you know, the tourist in me… There are nerdy ones related to those movies and shows I love. There is a thermal effect mug… Some are seasonal for the holidays like Christmas!

Maybe we keep all those mugs because we want to remember things that happened, places we have been, people who gifted them to us and all that while we enjoy one of our favorite morning/afternoon/evening drinks.

I am certain more sets of mugs will be added in the future, possibly in the near future and some might break. But I might as well keep the ones I have.

Perhaps tomorrow my bed will win and I will skip that coffee moment in the morning. Maybe my morning coffee and the best can compromise allowing me to enjoy both. One never knows what might happen! We shall wait and see.

How was your day?

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Thoughts.

  1. I also have a lot of mugs. I have received a lot as gifts since folks know I love coffee. I have taken to rotating the four I have on my rack next to my brewers. I try to do this every couple months. Don’t always do it but I hate the idea of getting rid of any of them…. Thanks!


    1. It’s a very difficult task!! Getting rid of mugs, that is… I currently have two shelves of mugs and some hanging. I rotate them so I can use most the mugs in my collection. But it keeps growing 😂

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