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Enjoy the little things.

Recently, I was told by a good friend, once again, that I put off things for tomorrow… when I can always do them today… Or at least do some of them today.

Of course, they were referring to the little things, the little pleasures of life than any sort of household chore or work related responsibility. And to be honest, that friend of mine, the one who uttered these words, was quite right!

These words were more like a revelation to me. By not putting off tasks that need to be done, in the house or at work, I knew I was saving time. I had a better, more organised life… However, our lives are not always moving around certain things. We should make the most of our time and put first one of those activities that put a smile across our faces. We shouldn’t put off being happy!!!

So… I have come to the conclusion that today, I will cook my favorite meal, I will take a late night walk and look at the stars and end my day by watching one of my favorite movies.

And what about you? What are you going to do?

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