Sharing Thoughts

And it all begins with..

…Coffee. Coffee of any kind or taste. Just like your average morning, this blog begins with a warm cup of coffee by my keyboard and the right kind of music playing.

And why start a blog with such a title, you might ask. In all honesty, I do not have the right answer for you on this. My main goal was, and still is, to start a blog where I will share my thoughts with you and every other possible reader, about my every day life. My routine. My likes & dislikes. My deep feelings and the not so deep ones. And maybe, I will even have the opportunity to read some of your own thoughts in comments or emails.

This might just another blog where I will share things. And you will answer or share more. Yes, as a matter of fact, anyone can feature in this blog should they wish to! So.. let us begin with taking a sip of this delicious beverage and move on to the next post…

2 thoughts on “And it all begins with..

    1. Hello there Praveen!!!

      Thank you very much for your comment!!! I hope you enjoy reading what I share and you’re always welcome to leave your thoughts on things!


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