Sharing Thoughts

A little list of things I want.

  • I want pinky promises as a form of trust. A legitimate one. 
  • I want baby blues and kisses. 
  • I want make up free weekends, curled up with a chocolate chip pancakes and sticky syrup
  • I want summer rain and memories
  • Actual photo albums. The old kind
  • Fights that end in apologies
  • Home cooked meals that probably won’t even trust out good and leave the only option…that one being pizza
  • I want water gun fights on warm days
  • Or food fights
  • Inside jokes
  • I want conversations with only our eyes
  • I want to forget to set that alarm. But do it on purpose. 
  • I want to have your back, no matter what
  • I want to hang out kid’s artwork on the fridge without knowing what it really is
  • I want you and my dad to have life chats
  • I want you to treat my mother like you would your own
  • I want a long and happy life with you
  • I want to face all the above with you…

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