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If they could talk.

During some of my free time today in the morning, I decided to visit my favorite coffee shop for a warm cup of that exquisite liquid we all love… And on my way back, while the taste of the black coffee lingered on my lips, I decided to write something about these shops. The ones I have gone myself and the ones I don’t even know exist. Some of these I’ve been are connected with a story, a person or a memory. And they’ll always be. Maybe that’s why I love them so much even after all this time!

Every shop I’ve been to is somewhat different than the last. Sure, they might smell the same but they are never the same. If the walls of a coffee shop could talk, it would be a deadly thing!… One would talk about a first date that took place there… maybe my own even. Another would talk about how someone showed up with friends and had a great time. The next coffee shop would talk about a break up and how awkward it was for both people to be there. Or about how someone never actually showed up.

I guess, every place would have something different to say. These walls have heard some of the best news and some of the most heart- breaking ones. They have seen couples blossom, friendships develop or old couples meet up. They have seen people talk about life and others laugh so hard and end up in tears.

So, if the walls of a coffee shop could talk, they would have a million and even more things to say. But they can’t. So the walls will stay silent to us and yet, coffee shops will always remind something to someone.

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