Sharing Thoughts

Here’s to you!

If you have good friends, then you have soul mates. You have people who get you even when you don’t say a word. People who understand and crack your code. People who will speak on your behalf when you’re running out of words and people who will always know what you feel no matter where you are.

You have love. You have people who love you for who you are, with your flaws. People who will love you at your best but also at your worst and when no one else loves you.

You have your own family. A loving mother, a wise father, a protective brother and a sister, your best friend, your partner in every crime.

If you have those good friends, then you have a support system. You won’t ever find yourself alone. They will be with you in sickness and in health, they will be there to share your joy or your pain, at your highest and lowest.

You have angels by your side. Angels that will always protect you from those trying to harm you, angels that make sure you don’t lose yourself and angels who will save you.

If you have good friends, you have a good life. You will never feel unloved. Someone will always fix you when you’re broken and first pick up your pieces.

If you have good friends, then you simply have the world.

To those friends of mine: You are the best. And I love you to bits and pieces!

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