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Reasons why I like Books more than Humans.

When I tell people I like books more than people, I often get certain looks. They might believe I am crazy, or they might laugh in their minds. So many people have asked me “Why?”…. and really, why don’t they agree with this? I mean… books are probably the greatest gifts to mankind, along with dogs, and deserve to be appreciated.

I am a bibliophile. I have come to the conclusion that I like books more than humans and here’s why:

  1. Books are great company.

They have always been there for me. For you too, if you’re a bibliophile. Books will be there anytime you need them for comfort. Day or night. They’re trans-formative. They never leave you, they are always in the same spot where you left them. By your bed, on the night stand. In the living room, in your bag or on the bookshelf.

2. Books don’t disappoint you.

People have let me down quite a few times before. And some aren’t what they appear to be, sometimes. Luckily with books, you can judge them based on their cover and you won’t miss. You know what you’re getting into and it is your choice.

3. Books are exciting.

Whether it is a novel, mystery, sci-fi or a thriller that keeps you on edge, a good book has that power. To excite you. To take you places. Thanks to my books, my little collection of these wonderful things, I’ve visited far away lands, different period of history and places I’ve only dreamed of.

4. Books teach you things.

Each book, each story and each character has something to teach you. Each book is different and unique, each book has something different to offer you.

5. Books won’t press any charges.

Sometimes, you might feel the urge to punch a book, only when a favorite character dies of course. I get that feeling quite often. A death in a book often leaves you scarred. I’ve thrown books across the room a lot of times, especially when they frustrate me. However, if I punch people or throw them across the room, when they frustrate me, I’d probably be in jail.

6. Books give you many options.

With books, there are so many to choose from. Do you want to read horror? Or romance? A thriller? A novel? Poetry? It’s your choice.

7. Books are quiet.

Comparing to people, if you want them to stop, just put the book down. People, sometimes, do not know when to be quiet.

8. Books make you smarter.

Books may challenge you, but they’ll never expect you to do stuff outside your boundaries. Most importantly, books help you. They make you a better person, more informed decisions. People are full of bad choices.

~ Therefore, most book lovers love books better than people. Along with dogs. Or cats. And honestly what’s not to love? They smell great, they are reliable, they offer you plenty of information and knowledge and they’re always a great company.

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