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To you, my morning pleasure…

Most mornings are the same… The alarm begins to shriek and my hand will automatically reach out to mute it. I wish I could mute another day really. However, for the few minutes I got left before that is repeated, I remain in bed, among my pillows while fighting that state between my dreams and reality. I do understand that I must get out of bed. That it’s a new day and there is work that needs to be done or something else… And yet, while feeling my feet warm and wrapped up in the blankets, I am safe and content. “Just five more minutes” is all I whisper, like a little kid that doesn’t want to get up for school yet. And yet, the five minutes have passed quickly and the alarm begins its piercing call. That’s when I remember that there is something else beyond this pleasure of being in bed…and that takes the form of a warm cup in my hands.

It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or noon or evening… The perfume of this drink has encouraged plenty of people to “move mountains”. Each morning, I look forward to my own little ritual. The world will simply melt around me the moment caffeine hits my lips and the sweet aroma brings me to exotic places, far from reality.

Really, I wonder sometimes… Who would have thought that water, simple water, along with ground beans could create something so delicious something so powerful that can change a bad morning into a decent, if not a good, one? And there are so many ways one can enjoy a cup of coffee. Some prefer it black and bitter… I won’t judge them, I do drink it that way too, at times. However, I love the way coffee looks when cream and sugar are added to it. How they swirl around, like they dance.

I most certainly won’t say no to a coffee in any form. I’ve tried most, if not all. Latte, cappuccino, straight up… It doesn’t matter to me. Give me one of each and I’ll be happy!

In the past, I would wait in the line while in pursuit for this favorite drink of the day as long as you wanted! And when my name was called out, I’d push through the hustle and bustle of the morning just to pick up my order. Oh how that cup always fitted in my hand. And then the first sip happened…a breath of fresh air. The taste lingering on my tongue just right.

I can never understand these people who say they do not like coffee. How is that even possible? Some may look at me with confusion and they might judge for liking it so much. It’s an addiction, they say. It’s unhealthy, they say. But… I’d like to answer to that, let me counter! There are worse problems to have and this, a warm cup of coffee in the morning, in any morning, is one of the little pleasures of life for people who actually do like coffee. So let us have these little moments of happiness!

What are your thoughts, however, on this matter? Or do you even like coffee?… How do you drink your coffee?… Good morning and have a great weekend all!

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