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A Toast to You

Let’s make a toast to the things you no longer do. And the love you no longer give. To the people whom you no longer understand. And the boundaries you no longer cross, for whatever reason. To the jokes you no longer laugh at… Here’s to the things you no longer do because you have chosen to be true to yourself.

Let’s make a toast to your inability to become what others have asked you to do so because you have allowed yourself to be who you are, and be alright with that.

Here’s to your flaws. The ones you have embraced. The ones you have worked on. The ones you have added even! Here’s to the flaws you do not deny… Because denying would be denying the truth to your own stories.

Believe me, it takes extraordinary strength to give yourself permission to become who you are becoming… Who you will be.

3 thoughts on “A Toast to You

  1. First time reading your post and the first 3 simple sentences, there are 2 typos. Just a feedback to proofread or a quick glance before posting will leave your reader a much better impression.


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