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To the Future

Well, the future is certainly unpredictable. How do you imagine it being? Cold? Bright? Worse than the past?… Have you tried to believe that all are going to be well in the future? You have probably been to the point of asking yourself if you’ll ever be this happy again. Personally, I have had lots of these thoughts in the past and the present and life always surprised me by bringing both good and bad moments.

But let me tell you this… We lose good people but we meet great people. We lose love but we find love that we deserve. Maybe we haven’t found our calling yet, but it might one day knock our doors down. We might think that the future can be cruel but it’s always a bit kinder than our past.

It really is up to you to think of your future as a blessing or a curse. As long as you are alive, the world needs you. It’s far better to get excited about the things that are yet to come instead of thinking of what passed. Or of what came to an end.

Of course this doesn’t mean the future won’t have the bad days. But I choose to be a tad more positive and hope for more love, more success and more good moments with the people I love.

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