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Dear Autumn…

Dear Autumn…

It feels as if you have arrived for good this time. And it was all a bit too sudden for us… Should I welcome you or will it be a waste of time because in a few hours, or days, you will disappear again and let the sun and the abnormal heat for this time of year take over your place?

I woke up today and there was this fog all around, covering the land and the sea. A little bit after I walked into the office, the skies opened, as we say, and rain started pouring down on us. It hasn’t stopped and neither do I want it to stop… Truth be told, I would rather be curled up in my bed with a cup of hot coffee and the sound of the drops against the windows echoing in the silence of the house… Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

I believe it is about that time of the year when you start descending on us. I am looking forward for the tempertatures to drop and get a bit chillier. I am looking forward to pulling out the long sleeve pullovers and jumpers to wear. I want fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, fluffy blankets and evenings on the couch with movies or a good book for that matter.

Althought I am reluctant to stay it out loud, I wish to welcome you Autumn. Once again, you are back… With slow steps, a bit late, but here you are.

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