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Having coffee together.

If we were having coffee right now in one of those cozy cafes of the city, I would be smiling at the sight of you whilst stiring the cream and the sugar in my little cup. If were having coffee together right now, I would be hidding, quite possibly, my daily problems and sorrows because I have always been the girl who smiles, who is Okay.

If we were having coffee together right now, I would stare outside the glass wall that separates us from the humdrum of the world out there. I would tilt my head towards it, as if to mention something to you. And there would be a short exchange of words about ordinary things, everyday things, before silence comes. It would last a moment. Then, one of us would come up with something funny. Another story or a joke that was shared with us. Maybe something witty related to these ordinary things we spoke about. And we would both laugh.

If we were having coffee together right now, I would talk to you about my work, about things that have happened in the office, or things that might happen soon. About the good points of working there, the people I have come to like, and then I would talk about what frustrates me. I would go on with my ambitions and goals, my dreams and my plans. Maybe, you too, would share something similar, something that happened in your world or something that will happen in the future… And then we will agree that the hardships we face are good, for our dreams of course.

If we were having coffee together right now, even the silence between us would be comfortable.

And I would smile, still, and this would be a real smile, one thankful for you being there, you who make me believe that being “okay” is possible and good.

Post dedicated to my possible coffee-drinking friend, F.

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