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Valentine Monday

So… Good morning darlings!!! 💖

It is Monday. New week ahead, new experiences, new thoughts, possibly new adventures… AND, I hope, some motivation has knocked on your door today!

It is also Valentine’s Day… Hmm.. Let’s talk about that.

I used to dislike V-Day. I won’t say hate… I never hated it. But I disliked it. Mostly as a kid and a teenager. Honestly, back then, I did not really care about it’s meaning for others. Growing up, this day became that day I’d watch other people receive elaborate gifts from family, friends or their significant others while I was sit there. Later on, when I began dating, I realized that Valentine’s Day came with a whole other level of disappointment 😅

Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, everyone remembers. But as the years go by, everyone kinda forgets… It was easy to dismiss its commercialism because it was easier than admitting that I wanted more from this particular holiday than I’d ever gotten before!

Sometime later, I began to reclaim my initial love for the holiday. I like it now. Over the last few years, I have celebrated with friends, I have sent valentines and I helped students prepare cards for their ”first crush”. Honestly, I believe that I no longer need someone to show up with romance and promises. I give it to myself. Last year, I bought myself chocolate and flowers and made the day special.

I’d like to share some tips about how I stopped disliking this day and began embracing love:

  1. I stopped complaining about commercialism. Some roll their eyes when they see the aisles of V-Day decor and treats. I love it. First of all, red and pink are great colors. I love the balloon hearts and the chocolate hearts. I love the flowers, the cards, the stuffed animals (got plenty already) and the ribbons and bows. Sure, it’s an expense, but it also offers an opportunity to show love. Treat yourself if you are lacking a lover.
  2. I started treating myself. As I said above, I bought that chocolate and the flowers. I watched some rom-coms and had an amazing dinner with wine. I deserve love.
  3. I stopped thinking about what I lack. Not having a special someone on this holiday doesn’t say anything about what we are worth. We are worth of love and romance. It’s better to think like that than let the feelings of loneliness and jealousy take over, right?
  4. I chose a Valentine. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, they can be our valentine. Each year, I choose to buy something special for somebody. It doesn’t have to be too expensive to be special but something that will make them happy.

Of course, I would have liked to have that special someone and know that I will return home from work to find a nice dinner with candles and rose petals all over. But, sometimes, life has other plans and we all got to live with it! This year, I am planning to enjoy it in my own way again and I can dream for next year!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 💖💝💘💟

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