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Monday Thoughts

Hello Monday! Here we are again. Rise & shine, a new week begins!

Good morning darlings! Are you awake yet? If you are, then remember to smile, put on some tunes, drink water and plan your day and what follows after work. Whatever is in store, let’s make this day a great one!

Monday Thoughts I share:

1. I have decided to make my Monday the first day of the week with a work out of 30 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening. Mainly because that’s the day I have time before I get under the warm blankets of my bed 😅

2. Something new –> I have decided to start a diary. I attempted that many times before but… I believe I am good at writing and keeping a blog or writing short stories. And yet, when it comes to keeping a diary, I fail. Maybe not this time. Who knows! 🤷‍♀️ What can I write about in my diary?

3. Today is the weather started with a bit of sun and some clouds in the horizon. I honestly hope it stays sunny… I like a storm as much as the next person but not when I have to venture outside for work. 🌤

4. I am looking forward to my Monday cup of coffee from a beautiful, small bakery close to the school I am teaching in today. They make an amazing cappuccino and they are always so friendly!! ☕

5. I am starting a new book today. It’s an old classic which I haven’t read in ages. Have you got an edition of ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott? 📖

Monday Mood

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