Saturday Surprises

Saturday Surprises #2

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday and happy weekend in general!!!
Every Friday, I get the same question: What are your plans for the weekend?

My answer remains the same for the most part: “I work tomorrow (meaning Saturday morning)… After that, I do not know”
And I don’t mind not knowing. Why do we need to always have something planned for the weekend? It’s the weekend. You can do whatever you want for two days, without worrying about the time you have to wake up, or even setting an alarm the night before. Heck, you don’t even have to worry about what you’ll have for lunch!… At least, I don’t.

Anyway… it’s Saturday and – as I write this – it’s already afternoon! The morning was busy with two classes to teach and to get back home. The past two days were an adventure thanks to the storm that passed over Germany and which hit some cities pretty hard. I believe we were lucky in the city here with few disasters to cause lots of problems. However, going to work early in the morning was not as enjoyable.

HOWEVER, the sun is shining again and the wind has calmed down a bit, which makes it easier to take a walk outside. And that is in my plans after this post.

So far, it has not been an exciting day for me. After lunch – which was delicious and I have to thank my father for that! – I made myself a cup of coffee (cappuccino) and got back into my studies for a couple of good hours. The unit seems to be a not so very interesting one, and therefore, going through it was simply slow. But it’s gone now and the notebook has been pushed to the side.

I enjoy listening to music when studying, cleaning or playing games. Do you, as well?

Depending on my mood and what I have to do, I choose the right playlist. Today, I listened to some instrumental music (soundtracks and piano covers) through my little speaker by Divoom. It’s so adorable… and PINK!

I plan to do some reading later on, but this time, it will be a proper book of classic literature, which I haven’t read in a while.

While taking part in a weekend only reading marathon through Instagram, I will be getting back in the story of ”Little Women” by Louisa May Ascott which includes the viewing of one of the movie adaptations based on this book.

I absolutely love that story! Of course, when I was younger, I had read a simpler version of it and not it looks like a bit bigger of a book and a bit more difficult than expected. However, I am excited to get into it. Plus, the edition of the book I recently purchased is simply beautiful!!

So, what are your Saturday plans? Or your weekend plans? Share your adventures with me, because I’d love to hear them!

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